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As the leading supplier of Recombinant Insulin for innovative biologics, Novo Nordisk Pharmatech helps you keep development on track, production flowing, and products timely supplied to hospitals and patients.

Recombinant Insulin is used to manufacture monoclonal antibodies, virus vaccines, gene therapy products, and other biological drug products approved by regulatory bodies worldwide, including the FDA and EMA.

Find below our collection of case studies and educational material about Recombinant Insulin (Insulin Human AF) and explore how it has been used to improve cell culture and boost protein production.

We provide excellence at every step of the supply chain, beginning with the quality of our insulin, directly sourced from Novo Nordisk A/S, the largest producer of insulin in the world. With 100+ years of experience with Insulin, Novo Nordisk ensures the most stable and well-established manufacturing processes and specialist know-how on the market.

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