Why us

At Novo Nordisk Pharmatech, we enable better medicines and better lives by delivering superior pharmaceutical materials in a sustainable way to aid pharmaceutical manufacturing within four key technology platforms:

  • Expression (Recombinant Insulin)
  • Modification (Enzymes)
  • Purification (Resins)
  • Formulation (Benzalkonium Chloride)


Every new idea needs great execution. By delivering on time, reducing risk, and ensuring compliance, we give our customers the security they need to develop and manufacture products that make a difference.

The strategic vision is guided by our core competencies. The foundation of our competitive advantage and future growth.

Our mission
Enabling better medicines. Enabling better lives.

Our vision
We are committed to providing sustainable pharmaceutical materials through innovative and customised solutions.

Our Novo Nordisk Pharmatech culture

Being curious and actively seeking inspiration from outside

Learning new tasks and developing competencies

Suggesting and trying new ways

Accepting failure and taking the learnings

“Go-look-see” – meeting our colleagues where the processes place

Owning our mistakes and being transparent about them

Understanding our failures and successes

Seeking and sharing knowledge across NNPR

Understanding the requirements of the processes we are responsible for

Ensuring that our deliveries are timely and meet expectations

Working to reduce or remove complexity

Applying new technology to improve productivity

Helping and taking care of each other

Listening to and understanding each other

Collaborating actively across the organisation

Celebrating successes

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