About us

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We’re a company of dedicated enablers who carry over 75 years of finely calibrated knowledge and expertise across the entire value chain. By embracing trial and error as the fastest way to get to success, we enable better life-science innovation for industries and institutions across the world. 


Since 1949, Novo Nordisk Pharmatech has been creating pharmaceutical ingredients by Køge Bay. What started as FeF Chemicals, a small chemistry factory, would later become a valuable subsidiary of Novo Nordisk, enabling some of the greatest pharmaceutical discoveries and treatments. We have a long history of excellent quality specifically known for our expertise within Quats and later Recombinant Insulin. Today, we operate all over the world with offices in Singapore and Boston while still proudly being based by Køge Bay. 

Our culture

Our culture is based on the Novo Nordisk Way which describes the values and behaviours that guide everything we do. Our ambition is to be a sustainable business respected for adding value to society. When faced with difficult choices, we think long-term, understanding that our future is dependent on being financially, environmentally, and socially responsible. 
To help us live this, our 16 culture sentences guide the decisions and actions of every Novo Nordisk Pharmatech colleague.

We dare to experiment and embrace changes by..

1. Being curious and actively seeking inspiration from outside

2. Learning new tasks and developing competences

3. Suggesting and trying new ways

4. Accepting failure and taking the learnings

We share our learnings by..

5. “Go-look-see” – meeting our colleagues where the processes place

6. Owning our mistakes and being transparent about them

7. Understanding our failures and successes

8. Seeking and sharing knowledge across NNPR

We take responsibility for our processes by..

9. Understanding the requirements of the processes we are responsible for

10. Ensuring that our deliveries are timely and meet expectations

11. Working to reduce or remove complexity

12. Applying new technology to improve productivity

We create a positive and inclusive atmosphere by.. 

13. Helping and taking care of each other

14. Listening to and understanding each other

15. Collaborating actively across the organisation

16. Celebrating successes

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