Insulin study poster

Optimizing CHO-S cell culture medium by supplementation with animal-free insulin

Optimization of CHO-S cell culture medium by supplementation with non-animal derived components using design of experiments (DOE)

The optimization of CHO-S cell culture is studied for two different cell lines. The first part focuses on the improvement of CHO-S cell growth by the addition of non-animal-derived components to serum-free and protein-free media through the design of experiments (DoE). Eight different supplements are tested, and the best results are obtained for a chemically defined medium (Medium 1) supplemented with Insulin, Transferrin and Polysorbate 80. In the second part of this work, the effect of insulin as an additive to three additional chemically-defined media is studied for a CHO-S mab-producing cell line. Insulin has a positive effect on both cell growth and protein production for the three media tested: Medium 2, Medium 3 and Medium 4.

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