Insulin study poster

Exploring the effects of insulin on viral vectors production in HEK293 cells

Is Recombinant Insulin a factor to consider for viral production?

Viral systems are commonly used in both R&D and therapeutic applications to deliver transgenes in cell and gene therapies and vaccine production. This area is expanding and creating increasing needs for production scale-up, optimized processes, and increased yields. For safety reasons, many choose animal-component-free CD cell culture media with added metabolites, such as recombinant insulin.

From previously published data, significant improvements have been shown in using insulin for viral production. In a case study on HEK 293 for influenza HA protein1), a 4-fold increase in viable cell growth and a 60% increase in titre was observed in CD media with 10 mg/L insulin. Using HEK 293 for HIV-1 Gag Virus-Like-Particles (VLPs) in CD medium supplemented with 20 mg/L insulin2), VLP production in the supplemented medium was increased 1.9-fold, proportionally to the improvement in cell growth.

Therefore, our hypothesis was that Recombinant Insulin has a positive effect on the production titre for Lentivirus (LV) and Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) in HEK 293.

Objective: Study the effect of insulin concentration and addition time on cell growth and viral expression in HEK293 cells.

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