Striving for zero environmental impact

Environmental challenges have never been more critical or more urgent than they are today. Growing consumption, industrialisation and urbanisation threaten not only the sustainability of the environment we live in, but also the health of people around the world. As a global manufacturer and supplier of Quats and Insulin Human, we have both the responsibility and the opportunity to drive change.

At the core of our business is the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) principle: Our social, environmental and financial responsibility inform everything we do and guide every decision we make. Now for the next step in our sustainability journey we have joined Novo Nordisk in its bold environmental strategy, Circular for Zero. Our ambition is Zero environmental impact by 2030.

Adopting a circular mindset

Achieving zero environmental impact will have its challenges, and many questions still need to be answered. We believe the answers will come as we transition our business from a linear mindset of ‘take-make-dispose’ to a circular mindset that keeps our products and materials in use. This is what the Circular for Zero strategy is based on – designing products and packaging that can be recycled or re-used, reshaping our business practice to minimise consumption and eliminate waste, and working with suppliers who share our ambition.

Switching to renewable resources

We have been proudly CO2 neutral since 2018. We are supplied with renewable energy produced by windmills, while our gas consumption comes from biogas certificates. This means that we have zero CO2 emissions from energy consumption. Even some of our grass is mowed by a robotic automower which runs on power from windmills!

Our most recent initiative was creating 10 parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles at our headquarters in Køge, Denmark. This has made it even more attractive for our employees to commute in a sustainable way.

Maintaining a sustainable and transparent supply chain

If we want to achieve zero impact, both up and down our supply chain, working with our suppliers is paramount. With both our current and future suppliers, we will collaborate proactively to embed circular thinking across our value chain and switch to circular sourcing and procurement. We also believe in open, trustworthy and timely communications with our neighbours, authorities, customers and suppliers, as well as internally with our employees.

In the interest of a fully accountable supply chain, we are certified according to the ISO 14001/2015 Environmental Management System. Our production was environmentally approved in 2009 by the Danish Ministry of the Environment, which oversees the company’s environmental concerns.

If you would like to learn more about the Circular for Zero initiative, you can read more from our parent company, Novo Nordisk. You can also see our environmental policy in our annual report here.