Sf9 insect cells

Increase viable Sf9 cell density and Baculovirus-based VLP production by supplementation with recombinant Insulin Human AF

Sf9 insect cells are the most widely used platforms during the manufacturing process of recombinant protein therapeutics when a fast and flexible system is needed.

The baculoviral-insect cell system has shown to be a powerful alternative for the production of recombinant proteins in short time frames.

As for the CHO cell-based manufacturing process, increased demand for safety and reliability has moved the standard for Insect cell culture media from Serum to Serum free and further on to chemically defined media.

UAB in collaboration with Novo Nordisk Pharmatech (world’s largest supplier of recombinant insulin) has shown a significant increase in viable cell density and baculovirus-dependent VLP production with the addition of animal origin free Insulin into commercially available chemically defined media in Sf9 batch-mode culture, leading up to 1,2-fold increase in VLP particles.

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