Consistent and effective production of Recombinant Insulin using TrypsiNNex®

Stable and high-performing, the new recombinant trypsin product TrypsiNNex® is a reliable reagent for the cleavage of insulin precursors A brief history of insulin First isolated from the pancreas of dogs and cows by researchers at the University of Toronto over 100 years ago, insulin is the foundation of diabetes management and, more recently, a […]

Cell culture-based influenza virus production using TrypsiNNex®

Conclusion This optimization study was conducted to establish an effective strategy for using TrypsiNNex® in cell culture-based influenza virus production. To that end, we devised a growth protocol for the MDCK-SIAT1 cell line and demonstrated its aptness as an in vitro system for propagating influenza viruses, especially with the exogenous trypsin TrypsiNNex®, which boosted viral particle […]

Efficient and consistent cell dissociation using TrypsiNNex®

Conclusion Adherent cell culture systems are vital in biomanufacturing. As a key cell dissociation reagent that enables culture expansion, trypsin can impact the efficiency and scalability of a production process. The recombinant enzyme TrypsiNNex® was designed as a high-purity, animal component-free raw material that is easily integrated into existing and new protocols for cell culture passaging. […]