100 years of Novo Nordisk insulin

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech celebrates 100 years of Novo Nordisk insulin, sharing the excitement of being part of a historical company that has driven medical changes since 1923. Since then, significant improvements in how insulin is manufactured and administered to patients have made diabetes treatment safer and simpler.

Today, recombinant insulin is not only a life-changing treatment for diabetes, but it is also a universal cell culture ingredient for the manufacturing of a broad range of therapeutic therapies, from monoclonal antibodies to cell and gene therapies and vaccines.

Supplying Novo Nordisk technical insulin to the world-leading manufacturers of therapeutic drugs, Novo Nordisk Pharmatech is proud to bring insulin into the development of other life-changing drugs, improving patients’ lives.

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100 years of Novo Nordisk Insulin. Our heritage enables better medicines. It enables better lives.

Recombinant Insulin
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