Benzalkonium chloride (BKC/BAC/BAK)


What is Benzalkonium Chloride?

Benzalkonium Chloride also known as BZK, BKC, BAC, alkyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride and ADBAC, is a type of cationic surfactant. It is an organic salt classified as a quaternary ammonium compound. It has two main categories of use: a cationic surfactant, and as a phase transfer agent.

Uniform quality

Our FeF® Benzalkonium Chloride products have proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of microorganisms (gram + and – & acid fast bacteria, yeast, moulds). They are effective through a wide pH range, are surface active/adhesive cationic agents and do not add unpleasant odour/colour to finished formulations.

The uniform quality of our products – and of our customers’ products – is ensured by our efficient quality management systems, dedicated equipment, well established processes and rigorous laboratory quality control.

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