Antimicrobials and Quats

Quaternary ammonium compounds (Quats/QAC), such as Benzalkonium Chloride (BKC), is part of a group of cationic surfactants expressing a high affinity to microorganisms’ membranes.

Due to their antimicrobial activities, Quats are widely used as antimicrobial actives and preservatives in medicinal ophthalmic, nasal, oral and skin preparations, where they prevent bacterial infections and contamination.

Quats are strong surface-active compounds, characterized by a fast, long-lasting effect against common gram+ and gram- bacteria, fungi, algae and enveloped viruses such as HIV, influenza, herpes and corona. Their antimicrobial activity derives from their ability to attach to the membrane of the microorganism and disrupt it.

The Quats’ alkyl (fatty) chains have a good affinity for cellular membranes, and the mechanism of action is the disruption of intermolecular interactions. Quats can cause dissociation of the lipid layers in the microbial cellular membrane, compromising cellular permeability controls and inducing leakage of cellular contents, resulting in cytolysis.

Our Quats are odourless and colourless, and their effectiveness in all pH ranges combined with their ability to mix well in both aqueous and oily phases, make them an ideal antimicrobial ingredient.

Quality, effectivity, safety

If you are looking for an antimicrobial molecule, you want it to be safe and effective, with guaranteed quality and purity and backed up by a solid documentation package and a solid supply chain.

Regardless of the formulation, products coming into contact with either healthy or damaged organic tissue, need to contain only the purest and safest antimicrobial ingredients.

Quats are recommended by several national authorities for safe and effective use as antiseptics. Moreover, our Benzalkonium Chloride and other pharma-grade Quats come in an unequalled, full cGMP grade.

Our stringent Quality Management System ensures the right quality products, with a high degree of consistency. We receive excellent ratings in audits from our customers and authorities, including the FDA and EMA, and continue to improve from every audit.

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