Environment, Health and Safety

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) considerations are an integrated part of our every day work. Our main concerns include reducing our consumption of resources, such as water, energy and chemicals, and reducing atmospheric emissions of organic solvents from the production process, and also preventing any contact with chemicals.

Environmental consciousness

Our dedicated EHS department encourages the environmental, health and safety consciousness of our staff, by ensuring that each member has the necessary skills and knowledge to minimise environmental impact and secure a healthy and safe environment while on the job.

In 2019 we adapted Novo Nordisk bold environmental strategy, Circular for Zero. Our ambition is Zero environmental impact by 2030. An ambition we came one step closer to in 2018, were we became CO2 neutral with renewable energy produced by windmills.

We are DS/EN ISO 14001 as well as DS/EN ISO 45001 certified and to ensure a healthy working environment we have implemented an Environmental policy and Occupational Safety Policy.

Triple bottom line

As a Novo Nordisk company, we work with the “Triple Bottom Line” principle, the CO2 Reduction program, and follow Novo Nordisk’s People Policy.

We strive to conduct our activities in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way. This implies that any decision should always seek to balance three considerations: Is it economically viable? Is it socially responsible? And is it environmentally sound?

This principle ensures that decision-making balances financial growth with corporate responsibility, short-term gains with long-term profitability and shareholder return with other stakeholder interests.

Read more about our Environment and occupational safety in the Annual Repport.

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