Safety and Health at Work Day

Today is `Safety and Health at Work Day´ and this means a lot more to us than preventing something from going wrong. We also strongly focus on maintaining our culture as a fast-growing company.

Our culture consists of four pillars. Together we:

–  Take responsibility for own processes
–  Dare to experiment and embrace changes
–  Share our learnings
–  Create a positive and inclusive atmosphere

Our Senior Health & Safety Professional Graham Stenning started at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech in January 2023 and he is impressed by our ability to retain our corporate culture.

Graham explains:

”I was introduced to the Novo Nordisk Pharmatech culture during my onboarding days. It’s a very positive culture where people take good care of each other and are not afraid to challenge the status quo and learn from failures to improve our way of working.”

We, as a company, are grateful that although we are constantly expanding, we still succeed in keeping the family feeling between our employees. And it is our ambition to keep doing so going forward.