Long seniority and high professionalism

Long seniority and high professionalism are both important cornerstones in our business. Almost half of our colleagues have a seniority above 10 years in the Novo Nordisk Group. And we actually have 9 employees (out of 193 in total) with a seniority higher than 30 years.

Meet Anne Ammitzbøll. Anne has worked in the Novo Nordisk Group for 35 impressive years. She started as a Laboratory Technician and has been in her current position in our QC (Quality Control) in Køge since 1998.

“My position and department have changed a lot during the years and thanks to my versatile assignments, 22 years in QC has not felt like a long time. At Novo Nordisl Pharmatech we all know each other and if you need help or information, you can easily approach your colleagues directly regardless of department or level in the organisation. Although over the years we have increased the number of employees from 60 to close to 200.”

Anne is currently studying an Academic Management. We are excited to see what the future brings for her.