Facing a pandemic as COVID-19

Our customers depend on us to deliver their needed products – even when we are facing a pandemic as COVID-19. While our customers depend on us, we depend on our employees. Without them and their ability to work under changed conditions, we could have faced great problems the last couple of months.

Meet our Supply Chain team. As the COVID-19 pandemic was advancing, our Supply Chain team faced a big challenge: The increased amount of potential shortages that could stop production to the great disadvantage of our many customers. At the same time, they had to adapt to working remotely, handling the work/life balance and ensuring to stay safe and healthy.

Quick reaction in evaluating risks, around the clock communication with suppliers, acceptance to constantly navigate and plan across many uncertain scenarios – and finally the desire to give it all for the company and our clients. This was their key to succeed. Of course, the support from the other teams at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech and our suppliers was also essential. The high degree of flexibility and adaptability across all stakeholders ensured that the inbound supply and production planning succeeded.