Jon Martin Winther

Jon Martin Winther

Director Project, IT & Optimisations

Jon Martin Winther holds a bachelor degree in Leadership & Land Warfare from the Royal Danish Military Academy (RDMA), as well as a Master in Business Development (MBD) from Copenhagen Business School (CBS), 2008 and 2021 respectively.

Mr. Winther joined Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S (NNPR) in 2017 as Associate Manager for the Microanalysis Centre in R&D, where he facilitated the strategy for digitalising planning and management for microanalysis testing and reporting. In 2020 he took up the role as Associate Manager for the Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs team, where he initiated the optimisation of the NNPR Management System (QMS) and launched the ‘QA Partner’ concept, focussing on stronger collaboration between line of business and QA. In March 2022 he became Director for Projects, IT and Optimisations (PIO).

Before joining Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S, Mr. Winther held various leadership positions in the Danish Armed Forces, including three tours of duty to Bosnia Herzegovina and Afghanistan. He ended his Army career wit the rank of Captain.

Mr. Winther is a Danish National, born in 1978.