We will plant 12.400 square meters of trees

Together with Klimaskovfonden, we will plant 12.400 square meters of trees in “Landsbyskoven i Ishøj.” The trees will absorb 400 tons of CO2 over a 100-years period and contribute to the Danish CO2 reduction target.

The project initially started because we had to cut down 15 trees and had the desire to compensate. The future trees are part of a new standard for contribution to the Danish climate action through afforestation. They will be a supplement to our existing initiatives in relation to reducing our climate and environmental footprint, and this way, the initiative will never minimize our ongoing actions in relation to our goals for the environment.

Our goal is to have net zero emissions of CO2 by 2045, and we will reach this by recycling our waste, recycling excess energy, replacing natural gas boilers for heat pumps and exchangers, reduction of business travel, and much more.

If you want to read more about our EHS initiatives, you can do it here.

On January 27, Klimaskovfonden launched the new standard at a press conference at our site in Køge. You can watch the presentations (in Danish) from, among others, Klimaskovfonden and our CEO Ulla Grove Krogsgaard Thomsen here.