Stay surveys and interviews

We stand united at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech. It is the foundation of our corporate culture and since our people are crucial for our successful journey, we have kick-started a new initiative to ensure our employees feel valued and developed.

To make sure our employees feel heard we have established an employee group with the purpose of making concrete initiatives based on employee feedback. By continuously launching ‘stay surveys’ and follow-up ‘stay interviews’ with employees across the organization, we will learn more about what matters to our employees in their daily work and where we could improve.

Thank you to Sofus Bergholt, Anne Louise Berg Larsen, Madina Umerkaeva, Emil Birk Larsen, Bo Jacobsen, Lars Olsen & Thomas Jul Olsen for being part of this working group and being important in making Novo Nordisk Pharmatech an even better place to work at.