Vaccine production

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Vaccine production

CTAB (Cetrimonium Bromide) is a powerful cationic surfactant, that can be used in vaccine downstream processing in both bacterial and viral vaccines.

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech is the only quaternary ammonium compound (Quat) manufacturer offering CTAB in cGMP manufactured pharmaceutical grade, in full compliance with ICH Q7.

This means:

  • Full traceability
  • High product purity
  • Full USP/NF compliance
  • Audit access
  • Full regulatory documentation package
  • Manufactured under fully validated processes

If you are making a cell-based vaccine, you can consider using our recombinant Insulin to promote cell growth and viability.

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Bacterial, polysaccharide-based vaccines

  • Polysaccharide vaccines are a unique type of inactivated subunit vaccine composed of long chains of sugar molecules, that make up the surface capsule of certain bacteria. These vaccines target e.g. pneumococcal and meningococcal diseases.
  • Polysaccharide vaccines are commonly found in standard children vaccination programs.
  • CTAB (Cetrimonium Bromide) is recommended by the WHO in bacterial vaccine manufacturing as a purification agent for polysaccharide vaccines.
  • CTAB serves as a surfactant in a buffer system, to remove membrane lipids and promote cell lysis, to “free-up” the polysaccharides.

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Viral vaccines

  • CTAB can be used in downstream processing of viral vaccines, for example influenza vaccines.
  • CTAB is used as a cationic detergent to isolate the antigenic agents, e.g. influenza HA proteins.
  • It can be used in egg-based, cell-based and recombinant (DNA) vaccines for downstream purification.
  • Sub unit isolation can be done using a mixture of Tween 80 with CTAB, to separate RNP (Ribonucleoprotein) particles from the surface antigen proteins by centrifugation.

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