Other pharmaceutical applications

Other known uses of our Quats not listed in the remaining segments are, for example: solutions for medical devices, excipients for injectables, surfactants for pharmaceutical suspensions, and others.

If a formulation does not fall within our specified segments, we can help by finding the product in our existing assortment, or by developing a customised product.

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech manufactures Quats using only the purest amines. Our production and process know-how allows us to keep the lowest possible level of impurities and to offer Quats with a completely well-defined alkyl chain length distribution. This way, we can also offer customized chain length distributions.

cGMP manufacturing of our pharmaceutical grade Quats, according to ICH Q7, allows us to offer the highest quality on the market, ensuring transparency of our procedures, complete traceability and complete documentation.


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