Insulin Human AF

Unblocking the CAR-T supply chain

Unblocking the CAR-T supply chain

As part of serum replacement, high quality recombinant Human Insulin can improve T Cell expansion and in-vivo function in CAR-T therapy optimization.

Transfer of T Cells genetically modified to target cancer cell antigens (CAR-T therapy) is a promising oncology treatment strategy. The big challenge remains to scale-up the manufacturing process, improve consistency and reduce the costs.

One of the main limiting factors in the manufacturing process is the dependency on human serum, which supports T lymphocyte growth and survival when cultured ex-vivo.

Human serum is expensive, and the current supply chain will not meet the demands when different approved CAR-T therapies become blockbuster treatments. High focus on T-Cell media development has recently allowed several serum-free media to be introduced on the market, with a different proprietary formulation based on key components, such as human insulin.

This is a particularly relevant development for people working in upstream biomanufacturing, R&D, BD and any stakeholder involved in cell line and media development, cell and gene therapy manufacturing focused on bioprocess optimization, high cell viability and high productivity.

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