Are you looking for customized Quats?

With more than 65 years in the Quats industry, we have experience in manufacturing many different types of Quats products.

Because we understand the importance of using best quality ingredients in pharmaceutical products, we can enter a dialogue on meeting your needs for excipients and/or APIs that are outside our standard product portfolio.

Below you can see examples of Quats products that we have manufactured in the past and are no longer part of our standard product portfolio.

Should you have a requirement for one of these products in cGMP grade, please contact our Technical sales to initiate a dialogue.


Henrik Ammitzbøll Petersen
Technical Sales Manager

Phone: + 45 2429 4172

Examples of Quats products

NameCAS No.
MKCMyristalkonium ChlorideCAS No.139-08-2
SKCStearalkonium ChlorideCAS No. 122-19-0
CKCCetalkonium ChlorideCAS No.122-18-9
CEDABCetyl Ethyl Dimethyl Ammonium BromideCAS No.124-03-8
STACStearyl Trimethyl Ammonium ChlorideCAS No.124-03-8
CTACCetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Chloride SolutionCAS No.112-02-7