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100 years of Novo Nordisk Insulin

Celebrating 100 years of Novo Nordisk insulin


Novo Nordisk Pharmatech celebrates 100 years of Novo Nordisk insulin, sharing the excitement of being part of a historical company driving medical changes since 1923.

Slightly more than 100 years ago, diabetes was still a death sentence for patients. The discovery of insulin in 1921 revolutionized the treatment of diabetic patients, making diabetes a treatable disease. In 1923 Novo Nordisk started producing insulin, and since then, big changes in how insulin is manufactured and administered to patients have made diabetes treatment safer and simpler.

Initially extracted from porcine, insulin was subsequently produced as a recombinant protein in microbial organisms. Not only for therapeutic use in the treatment of diabetes, recombinant insulin is also a versatile ingredient for the manufacturing of a broad range of different therapeutic therapies, from monoclonal antibodies to cell and gene therapies and vaccines.


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At Novo Nordisk Pharmatech, we supply recombinant insulin as an ingredient for the biomanufacturing of more than 100 therapeutic drugs currently available in the market. Strong of our heritage, we supply a superior quality product backed by our experience of serving our customers worldwide.

We are proud to celebrate one century of Novo Nordisk insulin manufacturing, sharing our expertise and passion to enable better medicines.


Why you should choose recombinant insulin

The biomanufacturing of therapeutic proteins, cell and gene therapies, and vaccines requires high-quality, animal-free, and reliable ingredients to improve the performance of their cell culture media formulation. Thanks to the superior quality and reliable supply, Novo Nordisk Pharmatech recombinant insulin is chosen by the world’s leading manufacturers of therapeutic drugs to boost the productivity of their biomanufacturing processes.

Specifically produced for use in cell culture media, Novo Nordisk Pharmatech recombinant insulin is:

  • Manufactured by the world’s biggest insulin manufacturer, Novo Nordisk
  • Specifically produced for cell culture
  • Supported by a broad range of application studies
  • Securely supplied around the globe
  • Used in the manufacturing of more than 100 blockbuster drugs

Partnering with us you can rely on 100 years of experience with insulin. We ensure high-quality, reliable, and animal-free recombinant insulin for your cell culture media.


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