Pharmaceutical grade Quats in accordance with cGMP Guide ICH Q7 for APIs

We manufacture our pharmaceutical grade Quats in accordance with the cGMP Guide ICH Q7 for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), the highest available quality standard in the industry. This means you get:

• Full traceability
• High product purity
• Full USP/NF compliance
• Audit access
• Full regulatory documentation package
• Manufactured under fully validated processes

cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) are vital to ensuring the quality, purity and consistency of raw materials and final products. This set of systems covers everything from process validation to data integrity and quality metrics to ensure the proper design, monitoring and control over all manufacturing processes.

The cGMP regulations are constantly being refined by the US FDA. What was “state-of-the-art” ten years ago may longer meet today’s standards. That’s why staying current is so important for quality control.

Quality is not only about meeting increasingly high consumer expectations. Quality also forms the basis of an efficient business that minimises waste and maximises productivity.