The most valuable resource at our company

Our most valuable resource

Our people – the most valuable resource at our company. We never doubted this and are glad our customers agree.

This year we conducted a more comprehensive customer satisfaction survey than previously. During the pandemic, our way of doing business has changed, and we haven´t been able to visit our customers as often as needed.

Therefore a big part of our customer satisfaction survey focused on our people. Have we managed to keep a good relationship with our customers worldwide even though the possibility of traveling has been limited?

We asked these questions about our people:

• When dealing with any of your people, I am always treated with consideration and respect
• The people that I interact with at your company are responsive to my needs
• My Sales Manager understands my needs and responds to my inquiries promptly
• I am satisfied with the level of customer support Novo Nordisk Pharmatech provides

With an average score of 89 on a scale from 0 to 100, we are very proud of the result and will do our best to keep our customers satisfied – both at our headquarter in Denmark and at our affiliates in Singapore and the US.