Our growth strategy

In 2022 we are executing on our growth strategy, preparing for the launch of our first recombinant GMP grade enzymes. This supports our mission to enable better medicines in the biopharmaceutical and Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products markets. The expanded global presence achieved with the establishment of the sales office in the USA will enhance and support our future external product launches.

The technical Insulin market is expected to grow high-single digit reflecting the Biopharmaceutical market development, whereas the Quats market is experiencing fierce competition and expected to grow low to mid-single-digit for pharmaceutical applications, with a decline in other applications. We aim to build strong global regulatory support for our customers to grow with the pharmaceutical market.

In 2022 we will finalise our efforts and complete our investments in the new multi-product purification facility in order to handle our expanded enzyme product portfolio. Thereby we can live up to the Novo Nordisk demand for the new products within diabetes and obesity care, in addition to speciality enzymes to enable production of medicines in the ATMP market. This facility is expected to fuel the long-term growth of Novo Nordisk Pharmatech.

The demand for purification resins has doubled in 2022, leading us to optimise our production set-up to increase capacity and we are further investing in a new facility for novel optimised purification resins.

R&D will continue to progress our portfolio within resins and speciality enzymes and with the signed collaboration agreement with Novozymes, we expect to progress four new projects addressing speciality enzymes for the ATMP market.

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech has fully adopted to our environmental strategy ‘Circular for Zero’. The strategy builds on a long tradition of improving the environmental performance of the company. In 2022, the company will continue this journey by further reducing waste from its operations and investing to secure a circular mindset.

Novo Nordisk Pharmatech will continue throughout 2022 to optimise our operations towards more innovation, robust and reliable delivery, and investment in our digitalisation journey.