Our employees can commute in a green way

We are taking our ambition to be as green as possible to a new level. Now by offering our employees the possibility to commute in a green way.

As a natural consequence of our Circular for Zero environmental strategy we have established 10 parking spaces with charging stations for electric vehicles. This makes it even more attractive to commute in a green way.

Our employee Lene Hoffmeyer Nielsen is very pleased with the new parking spaces:

“The new charging stations at our site is the main reason why we have ordered a Plug-in hybrid car. The possibility to get the car charged during the day and not having to have a charging station at home makes a huge difference. This way I´m also contributing to reducing the CO2 level, which gives a nice “green” feeling.

At Novo Nordisk Pharmatech we have been CO2 neutral since 2018. Our gas consumption comes from Biogas and we are only supplied with renewable energy, produced by windmills. This means that we have zero CO2 emissions from energy consumption. Even our grass is mowed by a robotic automower which runs on our power from windmills.

If you wish to read more about our strategy, you can do this in our Annual report.