Novo Nordisk Pharmatech at Exhibitions

During week 43, we had the pleasure of re-connecting and networking with the market in person. Both at Cell UK in London, World Bioprocessing Summit in Berlin and Antibody-based Therapeutics and BioProduction Forum in Shanghai.

Our Product Manager Chantale Julien presented ”Is recombinant Insulin a factor to consider viral production?” on the stage in London and virtual in Shanghai. The presentation was based on published studies, and the hypothesis in the presentation is that adding recombinant Insulin to the cell growth media for suspension HEK293 cells would improve viral titre.

Chantale Julien presented case studies on Lentivirus and three serotypes of AAVs measuring the effect of adding different concentrations of Insulin Human AF at different times during viral production.

If you would like to see the presentation, you can watch the pre-recorded version here: Presentation: Is recombinant Insulin a factor to consider viral production? – YouTube