Novo Nations at Pharmatech

As a global company, we hire people from all over the world and focus on creating an inclusive atmosphere. We are proud of having 14 different nationalities among our 200+ employees on-site at Køge, Denmark. Our colleagues come from Germany, Austria, France, Australia, Canada, Afghanistan, Slovenian, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Vietnam, Netherlands, and Denmark.

Initiated by some of our international colleagues, we launched Novo Nations at Pharmatech last week. The line of events will increase the awareness of many of the countries represented, starting with Australia on Australia Day; January 26.

Our colleague Kirsty Morrison, who moved to Denmark in 2007, gave us a lot of insights and fun facts about Australia and the Aussies while the canteen served Australian food for those participating in person.

Next month Novo Nations at Pharmatech will focus on Canada presented by Chantale Julien. And we can´t wait to learn even more.