Meet Verena Reiser

Meet Verena Reiser. Verena is an enzyme specialist in our Research & Development department and has been a part of Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S since 2019. Verena is part of the core behind our 2025 strategy for enzymes and is working on creating the framework for our future enzyme development.

Verena arrived in Denmark in 2011 from Germany via stops in Sweden, Norway, and UK. 10 years ago, she started working within the Novo Nordisk Group at Novozymes. The change to Novo Nordisk Pharmatech arose from the ambition of working with pharmaceutical enzymes.

Part of Verena´s job is to design experiments for proof of concept, looking for new enzyme functionalities and proof of process, draft the production process and handing this over to our Manufacturing Development team. Here they will investigate the process development.

Verena also has strong ties to our Business Development team when looking into the market and identifying gaps. This could be missing products or a need for products in a superior quality. These gaps will then be translated into experiments, business cases and possible new products.

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