Key component in serum free growth media for mammalian cells

Our recombinant insulin is a key component in serum free growth media for mammalian cells. It is used in many cell lines, such as CHO-s, HEK 293 or Sf9, for the manufacturing of monoclonal antibodies, virus vaccines and gene therapy products. It can also be used in other biological drug products approved by regulatory bodies worldwide, including FDA and EMA.

We maintain our position as the leading supplier of insulin for cell culture processes by providing excellence at every step of the supply chain – beginning with the quality of our insulin, which is sourced directly from Novo Nordisk, the world’s largest producer.

We also draw upon Novo Nordisk’s 97 years of experience within the Biopharmaceutical industry and access to a large number of in-house specialists who can assist with advice, even from early product development stages. This makes us a reliable partner to provide exactly the right quality ingredients for a range of biologic application needs.

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Recombinant Insulin
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