It’s our responsibility to nurture the next generation of talent.

“I feel like as an intern I got the opportunity to explore my field of study within a company which values a student’s perspective, and does not hesitate to give its interns responsibility in the task they solve,” explains Emma Lillebro Striib Nielsen, former student intern and now student assistant.

Every semester, we welcome local and international students to gain hands-on experience in a leading global pharma company. For the six months they’re with us, each intern becomes an integral part of the team, with meaningful responsibilities – and challenges – that will allow them to grow and distinguish themselves in future work environments.

We believe it’s our responsibility to nurture the industry’s next generation of talent. But, equally, we also gain so much from our interns’ broad range of educational and cultural backgrounds.

“Novo Nordisk is a name with a lot to live up to and it can almost feel overwhelming. But going in through the gates, I was meet with smiling employees and a positive atmosphere,” says Matthieu Francois, our latest Sales and Marketing intern from France studying Master´s in Industrial Sales Engineering. “During two days of onboarding, every employee made me feel at home and motivated to give my best.”

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