International Women´s Day

Yesterday we celebrated International Women´s Day with an inspirational afternoon with our CEO, Ulla Grove Krogsgaard Thomsen, and our CCO, Samia Kappe. Two out of many strong female profiles at our company.

Ulla knew from an early age which direction she wanted to go. After finishing an M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences and her Ph.D. in Structural and Analytical Chemistry, she was contacted by Novo Nordisk during her maternity leave – and then her more than 25 years of journey at the company began. Working with research for 12 years, as a facilitator for a year, and 12 years at Novo Nordisk Product Supply, she has since 2021 worked as CEO at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech.

Some of her advice during the celebration was to always work across borders in the organization, never be afraid to take on a challenge, and don´t focus on being perfect. It´s when things don´t go as planned that we truly learn. And always remember to stay true to yourself.

Ulla grove Krogsgaard Thomsen shares:

“We celebrated International Women’s Day by spotlighting two very different carrier journeys. By sharing my story, I wish to inspire and support women in pursuing their carrier ambitions”.

Samia has been a part of Novo Nordisk Pharmatech since October 2022. As a mother to four children, one of her key learnings is to spend time wisely, make decisions and feel good about them. Whether you like to work late or leave early, make peace with your decisions. You should always be cautious about your time. You cannot reuse time or put time into the bank for later use.

Samia Kappe also explains:
“I have worked with many great and inspiring men over the years, but I never tried to be one of them. It is not possible anyway. I just try to be myself and make a difference.

It is not about the money or the title. It is all about the difference you make in people’s lives. I know several women who hold back and don’t think their opinion is valid or don’t seek to influence and take responsibility. It has a lot to do with the mindset, and I encourage everyone to speak up to make a difference. One way of getting influence is by thinking you have it”.