From cultured meat to artificial blood

Recombinant Insulin has for decades protected the lives of millions of diabetic patients worldwide. Meanwhile, Insulin has become an instrumental component in serum-free growth media for mammalian cells, helping scientists manufacture innovative drug products.

Today, Insulin’s potential is not slowing down. Based on its performance in cell culture media, Insulin has a vital role in many new and exciting manufacturing areas. For example, in the production of cultured meat or artificial blood.

“The processes are very similar to what we see in advanced cell therapy applications for bioprocessing. You still need the host cell and the media to grow and multiply these cells, and you need to purify them to get rid of the media components and any side products. As these processes are so similar, you also have an application for Insulin in the media to enable better multiplication of the cells. To maximise the process output, cell density is key to having cells at a higher production rate.”

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