Fostering an inclusive environment

Among our leaders and in our departments, we have initiated dialogues around fostering an inclusive environment during June. Through testimonies and examples, we have investigated our own biases and pitfalls, and through conversations in the teams, our leaders have asked for feedback on how they can be more inclusive as leaders.

Jon Martin Winther, Associate Manager in Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs: “I think most of us perceive ourselves as inclusive. However, I learned that I actively must work with inclusive leadership to set the best possible team and better understand the people I work with.”

Gry Nagel Gulstad, Associate Manager in Microanalysis Centre, Research & Development: “Being in a hiring process, where special competencies are needed, I after the dialogues considered if the process could have been more inclusive. This was due to my Teams recommendation of a previous colleague in front of another member of the team, who possessed other important competencies. I shared my reflection and my concern openly, and we now have a Team awareness about our inclusive environment. Though we don’t have equal competencies, we show equality in the team. And this includes all of us”.

During the fall, we will follow up on the dialogues and continue the work of nurturing an inclusive environment.