Information about cookies

A cookie is a small text file, which is placed on your computer or other device. It makes it possible for us to recognize your computer and gather information about which pages and functions are visited with your computer. Cookies contain only anonymous information.

Cookies are used by most websites and are in many cases essential for the website to work properly.

Cookies on this website

Cookies are used on this website for various purposes related to functionality, web analysis and marketing. However, most cookies we use to gather statistics about your visit. This information is used to improve the users experience on our website.

You can read more about the cookies we use under the three tabs. The cookies are divided into categories and you will find information about their name, expiration, purpose and company.

Technical requirement of cookies

Content at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech is stored and administrated though WordPress. WordPress uses cookies to recognize you, when you move around on our Website. We use a cookiescript to figure out if you have already been informed about the websites use of cookies.

Preference – Cookies

These cookies are used to secure the optimal experience for the user on the website. For instance in the displaying of Youtube videos cookies are used to register which videos are displayed and how much you have viewed.

Operation – and optimization cookies

These cookies are used for the operation of the website. It is used for Google Analytics etc. to analyze, how our users utilizes the website. The information gathered by cookies of your use of our Novo Nordisk Pharmatech webpage is send and saved on Google’s servers.

Marketing – Anonymous tracking across websites

These cookies are used to follow the users across visits on multiple website. Information makes it possible for the users to show relevant marketing content. If you have any comments or questions regarding our information and/or processing of personal information you are most welcome to contact us on phone.: +45 5667 1000 or e-mail.: [email protected]

Personal information privacy policy

To enter into an agreement with us at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech, the following information is required:

  • CVR no
  •  Legal name of the corporation
  • Address
  • Zip-code and city
  • Phone
  • E-mail addresses for invoice(s)
  • E-mail of contact person
  • Phone nr. of contract person (direct or mobile)

The registration of the information is with the purpose of processing your order. The information is registered at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech and kept in continuous customer relationship. When the collaboration is terminated, the information is kept in indefinite time with the purpose of preserving the order history. When information is gathered though our website it is secured that it happens with your consent, to ensure that you are informed about the exactly which information is gathered and why.

Encrypted customer information is not kept. Encrypted customer information is not transmitted. Information given to Novo Nordisk Pharmatech is in no way sold to third party and no sensitive personal information is registered. The name of the contact person and city is forwarded to Google Analytics.

When you submit to our newsletter, your e-mail is registered. The e-mail address is not forwarded to anyone, unless you’ve given your consent. For instance when downloading article an e-mail is required and the submitted e-mail is registered in an integrated app called MailChimp which is used for marketing purposes. When registered at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech you have the right to make objection against registration. You have the right to gain insight in which information gathered from you. You have these rights Cf. personal information privacy law and enquiry’s in this relations is send to [email protected]

Web statistics

Web statistics are used to register the amount of visits to our website, the country of origin and which sites of our website you are watching. The statistic is utilized to enhance the user experience at Novo Nordisk Pharmatech and segments content to the visitor on the site.

How to disable cookies in your browser

If you want to block the use of cookies you must change the permissions in your browser setting.

Read more about how you control cookies in your browser on

If you block cookies in your browser, your device will not be tracked when you visit our website. However, please note that by declining cookies you will also not allow some functionality on our website and it may not work correctly.

Why do we inform about cookies?

We inform about cookies because we want to be transparent in the way we communicate with our stakeholder. EU has also made a privacy directive which you can read more about here: The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 (pdf).