An easy drug product registration process

Do you want to ensure an easy drug product registration process? And do you want to save time and headaches and have peace of mind during your drug product approval? Our team of experts can support your regulatory needs and ensure a smooth registration process, whether your medicine is manufactured for your local or export markets.

You must comply with each market’s local requirements when offering drug products for export. Missing or incomplete ingredient documentation is time-consuming and frustrating. You can benefit from a supplier being able to provide you with globally compliant ingredients supported by locally adapted dossiers.

At Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S, we have globally compliant regulatory documentation for you to register in your export markets. We can partner to meet your specific needs and timelines, and we support pharmacopoeial and regulatory compliance with qualified and validated data. Operating according to cGMP ICHQ7 guidelines enables us to fully document processes for manufacturing, analysis, stability, primary packaging, etc.

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