A look into manufacturing

How can you ensure the quality of your cell culture media ingredients?

High-quality standards must be maintained at every step during the biomanufacturing of therapeutic drugs. Choosing cell culture ingredients that are recombinant and produced in compliance with cGMP requirements is crucial to the manufacturing of high-quality drugs.

What is also important is how the product is handled during the packaging and shipment.

Manufactured by Novo Nordisk in cGMP facilities, our highest-quality recombinant insulin is packed in our cGMP facilities and shipped worldwide in validated containers that preserve its quality over time.

At Novo Nordisk Pharmatech, we make sure that the quality and safety of recombinant insulin are kept unaltered during the packaging and shipping to our customers.

Are you curious to see how Novo Nordisk Pharmatech takes good care of the quality of your cell culture media ingredients? You can learn more in the video here.