A good start is half the work

“A good start is half the work”. Therefore, whenever we get new colleagues, they start with a two-day onboarding program. This is to ensure a good beginning – regardless the type of employment.

During the onboarding our new colleagues will get a solid understanding of our company and the entire process from R&D to Sales & Marketing. Our Corporate Vice President tells them about our strategy and goals and gives a thorough introduction to our 90 years long history. They will also learn how we as a company ensures that we are in compliance, our training of employees, get basic knowledge of our products and customers, an introduction to P&O, an IT workshop and much more. All with the possibility for dialog and involvement.

During the onboarding they will meet several managers, partners and specialists and receive their safety training to be able to walk around our site alone.

Linda Søborg Mørck Jensen, our Learning & Development Partner, explains: We welcome our new colleagues with a well-prepared program to give them an overall picture on how Novo Nordisk Pharmatech works, getting to know the responsibilities of each department and how we interact in the daily life. All to make sure they are ready for take-off in their new role after the two days.